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Despre mine

LOOKING FOR AUPAIR-TYPE GUEST!!! Hello, this is a bit different!! I am semi-single father
Michael Helmut. I am seeking a cheerful companion for my rare freetime and for Michael
Maxim’s (6 years) care over the very same weekend/holiday times. The other duty
would be keeping the house clean (some serious backlog here!) and taking care of my
laundry and wardrobe; some gardening and light home improvement would be nice – and
of yourself’s needs of course almost entirely. You should enjoy country life, (big)
boy’s toys trucks/cars/tractors and motorsports and have a sense for engineering
and/or economics and/or computers in general rather than discos and heavy cultural /
philosophical stuff. You also need to have the drive to utilize a lot of freetime! I would
provide you with travel cost / flight ticket, health insurance if required, accommodation
(separated apartment with bathroom and even kitchen in the large old house) and food. Car,
phone, fast internet, TV, video is available for you. It’s similar to an Au-pair
job however, almost no work and money (will not pay more than € 200 a month pocket
money), so I prefer to invite you as a guest also to avoid the visa requirements (EU
passport or visa holders only)! If you are curious for this then maybe get back with some
more about yourself addressing that you fully understood that this is not big city but
small village with 155 people – most of them very nice + it is not about earning
money! I have had ladies here under these terms before my marriage in 2000 and Katrin from
Poland still lives in this little village close to St Goar, but two times it went wrong
(early termination) because the guest where just looking to earn money. There are albums
with lots of pictures on the net that I would make available to you when you choose to
make us a favourite and I will be glad to answer any question you might have. I prefer an
at least 6 months commitment but once we have agreed to proceed and you have arrived here
you can decide any time that you want/need to go home! I speak fluently German and
English, my son and Elena additionally Russian. He is with Elena in Koblenz during the
week and on weekends I usually join Michael Maxim while Elena takes out our big car. Thank
you for your attention and all the best! regards Michael

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