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Despre mine

Hello to you. I am a nice guy from Oslo in Norway that would like to know you better. I am
a proffessional musician/singer/songwriter/recordproducer, and I have been in the
entertainment-bussiness here in Norway for many years. I have very good connections both
in Europe, USA and Asia, so if you are a good singer, and would like to come to Norway and
work, please contact me. You can also answer if you are into modelling/fashion, because i
have a good friend who is running a model-agency here in Norway, and i can get you in
there, but then you really have to look good, he,he.


I look quite good, i guess. I haven't scared anybody yet, he,he.

Ce caut

I would like to meet a good and caring girl from Romania. I already have some friends in
Iasi, and i would like to know more about the culture of the romanian people. You have to
have a slim bodystructure, and it will be a big plus if you are into music, and know how
to sing, cause then we can work together as well. And i have a LOT of wellpayed gigs here.
But it's not a must. But if you read this ad, and not find it interresting yourself, but
maybe think that you know about a girl that can be interrested in this, please tell her
about me. Big hug from Fred in Norway. If you want to answer me, you have to write in
english, danish, swedish or norwegian.

justme.mitica justme.mitica justme.mitica justme.mitica justme.mitica

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