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Despre mine

Hello - I am John in England. I'm 45, single (never married / no children) and I live in a
small town 50km north of London. I have my own business an English School; teaching
English to foreign business people, most of whom come from the Czech Republic and
Romania. I am very tall at 196cm with a very large build, which you can see from my
photos. I enjoy travelling and drive across Europe 2 or 3 times every year on business.
Last October I visited a business friend in Romania. I couldn't believe how beautiful so
many of the buildings and churches were, but even more beautiful were the women!


I'm 196cm tall and I have a very big body. You can see what I look like in my photos.
I'm always trying to lose weight and I like swimming. I try to eat healthily and I can
cook quite well. Being a single man I am used to doing everything for myself such as
housework, cooking and cleaning.

Ce caut

If we are suited to each other you should have these skills and interests: You can
speak English well enough to read this profile. Maybe you can also speak Russian - it
will help with my business in the future. You have a university qaulification. You are a
teacher or other profession. You want to leave your home country and possibly live in
England. I am looking for a very special lady for a long-term relationship that may
lead to marriage. You should enjoy traveling for holidays and business and of course
to relocate to England. I like traveling too and will visit you when we get to know each

gile_gil74 gile_gil74 gile_gil74 gile_gil74 gile_gil74

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